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17. Little Cayman east blk 90A south shore
Little Cayman
US$ 1,479,000
3 Bedroom
L-4D. Block 81A - Resort Complex (OFF THE MARKET)
Little Cayman
*see description for price or contact info
2J. Little Cayman West Blk 78A south shore (Co-Mc)
Little Cayman
US$ 400,000
1.26 acres
5. Little Cayman west conch club #20 (Co-Co) (SOLD)
Little Cayman
US$ 469,000
3 Bedroom
Marine Business and Private Home
Cayman Brac
*see description for price or contact info
2 Bedroom
Cayman Brac - Caymanian Style Home SOLD
Cayman Brac
US$ 300,000
2 Bedroom
96D. Cayman Brac West
Cayman Brac
CI$ 399,000
2 Bedroom
Cayman Brac Central - Home on Bluff SOLD
Cayman Brac
US$ 700,000
2 Bedroom
Little Cayman East Blk 86a Parcel 34 South Shore
Little Cayman
US$ 625,000
3 Bedroom
16. Little Cayman east blk 88A south shore parcel 84
Little Cayman
US$ 265,000
1.15 acres
Little Cayman
US$ 325,000
.68 acres
LCE 88A Parcel 7
Little Cayman
US$ 1,350,000
5 Bedroom
Little Cayman
US$ 895,000
3 Bedroom
Cayman Brac Shangri-La

Located on Cayman Brac, this 3100 sq. ft. home is unique in design and layout. Situated on 1 acre of Bluff edge land, half of the parcel is undeveloped in its natural state. With 2 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, the open floor plan is surrounded on the bluff side by a large screened porch all sitting above an earth basement. There is an attached garage with laundry and storage facilities. Priced to sell $399,000CI. Contact your Cayman Brac Realtor for more information.

Duty Cuts Remain for 2014
Duty on fuel and building materials remains reduced throughout 2014. Marco Archer said, “The extension of these concessions is consistent with the Government’s ongoing efforts to stimulate growth in the economy, and I encourage all developers and other stakeholders to accelerate their construction activity during this further concessionary period.”
Normal import duty on fuel is 75 cents/gallon and duty rate on building materials ranges from 17-22%. The reduced duty is currently 12.5 cents/gallon for gasoline for Cayman Brac. 100% waiver on building materials to Cayman Brac and Little Cayman remain in effect. 

Cuba via Cayman Brac
Talks are underway to establish a Cayman Airways flight from Florida to Cuba via Cayman Brac as early as next year, according to Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell. Preparations for the processing of international flights have been underway which includes an x-ray machine for checked baggage. "Our goal is to be completed in February, so that Cayman Airwatys can have flights coming in and out of the Brac on the Cuba route," Mr. Kirkconnell told the Caymanian Compass.

With this added influx of travelers, investors may consider a new hotel venture at the Divi Tiara site. which Neil van Niekerk, president of the Sister Islands Tourism Association, said Cayman Brac has sorely needed for several years. "The Brad has needed a new hotel since the Divi Tiara Beach Resort closed in 2007." Mr. van Niekerk said. "I understand they would be interested in investing and rebuilding at that site if the airlift was there."

Cayman Islands Real Estate Listings
Use our handy Cayman Islands Real Estate Property Search to quickly locate all currently available Little Cayman Real Estate and Cayman Brac Real Estate. We offer all currently available Little Cayman and Cayman Brac residential, homes, lots, houses and commercial properties; as well as Little Cayman and Cayman Brac investment properties and land. We are always here to help so feel free to contact us directly for personal assistance with your Cayman Islands real estate purchase information.

Cayman Brac real estate and Little Cayman real estate are Tranquil Realty's priority. We offer Cayman Islands land, homes and commercial property sales. We have offices and agents on both Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. If you are looking for Cayman Brac homes for sale, Little Cayman homes for sale or are selling Cayman Brac real estate or Little Cayman real estate we can help you with your Cayman Brac Land and Little Cayman Land selections and purchase.

Tranquil Realty is the Cayman Islands premier real estate company specializing in Little Cayman Real Estate and Cayman Brac Real Estate. We have a broad range of properties listed for sale in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. If you are looking to build a home or commercial property in the Cayman Islands, use our property search and select Cayman Brac and Land or Little Cayman and Land to see all current Cayman Islands listings for land, lots and parcels for sale.

Tranquil Realty's extensive listings allow you one click real-time access to all currently available properties in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. We offer all forms of Cayman Islands real estate, from properties located on the water, at Cayman Brac's famous bluffs and inland; Little Cayman island-wide real estate locations, including directly on the water, ocean front properties, seaside condos , inland properties, ocean front and island view residential homes, commercial properties, lots, land, properties and all current current real estate property listings.

Cayman Brac Homes and Little Cayman Homes
Tranquil Realty not only offers land for sale but also has extensive listings of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman homes for sale. You may be looking for a vacation property or an investment property. Cayman Brac homes for sale are located on the shoreline, along the bluff edges, as well as inland. Little Cayman homes for sale are located on the shoreline or inland. Pick whatever location best suits your Cayman Islands real estate needs. Tranquil Realty In Business for Over 20 Years Tranquil Realty has been selling Cayman Brac real estate and Little Cayman real estate for over 20 years. Dervyn Scott is the owner and respected member of the Cayman Brac community. Cayman Brac real estate and Little Cayman real estate continue to appreciate on an annual basis. Cayman Brac homes for sale and Little Cayman homes for sale offer a great opportunity for wealth creation and a wonderful vacation destination. The islands offer easy access to the US on a daily basis as well as many amenities not normally found on a small island. Cayman Brac and Little Cayman appeal to those interested in a quiet, safe and unspoiled island destination. Whether you wish to build, buy an existing property or sell, Tranquil Realty is there to help you.

Cayman Islands Real Estate Market
The Cayman Islands are a very safe and secure location to purchase Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac properties. As a result of the Cayman Islands government survey conducted in 1970, every parcel of land in the Cayman Islands is registered. This protects buyers with an assurance of title and ownership. Cayman Islands land registry land is open for public inspection for a fee, allowing potential purchasers to examine records for liens, charges or other restrictions. The Cayman Islands have also demonstrated a continued economic stability that bodes well for the potential investor. Lack of direct taxation, no income tax, sales or annual property tax, no restrictions on foreign property ownership and a stable political structure also add to the attractiveness of these islands.

Special concessions for land purchases on Cayman Brac have been introduced by the Cayman Islands government and further revised a few years ago - Cayman Islands Land Purchase Special Concessions Reference. Benefits include reduced stamp duty on the purchase of raw land, homes, condos and businesses.

Cayman Islands Real Estate Investments Are Tax Free, Including Real Estate Purchases and Investment Equity
The Cayman Islands government has waived stamp duty fees on importation of some building materials - Stamp Duty Reference. There are also special concessions for first time Caymanian buyers. Your Tranquil Realty agent will be happy to assist you with further information regarding all the information and assistance you require to obtain Cayman Islands real estate at the best possible prices.

Cayman Islands Real Estate Financing
Real estate financing is available locally to qualified purchasers through various banking institutions throughout the islands.
Contact us for current Cayman Islands real estate banking and financial information.

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